Run With the Wind (1966)

27 05 2008

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Release date: 20 June 1966 (UK)
Rated NR
Parental Rating: Objectionable for children
Country Of Origin: U.K.
Running Time: 95
Format: Black & White
Genre(s): Drama
Production Co(s).: GEFD

Director: Lindsay Shonteff
Writer: Jeremy Craig Dryden
Producer: James Ward
Musical director:  Philip Martell
Music: Shawn Phillips

CastRun With the Wind (Francesca and Shawn)

Francesca Annis: Jean Parker
Sean Caffrey: Frank Hiller
Shawn Phillips: Paul Walton
Jack Smethurst: Bernie
George Pastell: Lennie
Sheena Campbell: Sue
Mark York: Tony
Leslie Lawton: Steve

Overly sentimental tear-jerker in which Annis leaves her boxer lover when blond-haired folk singer Phillips tickles her imagination with promises of a different life style. Annis tires of Phillips and heads back to her old beau, but by this time he wants no part of her.

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11 responses

28 05 2008

Fact about Shawn and Francesca:

In those days, Shawn was his partner in life for about 3 years. In an interview, she acknowledges:

‘I was one of the matching hat, handbag and gloves brigade’. But an affair with American folk singer Shawn Phillips transformed the dolly bird into a hippie chick.

Phillips, whose British debut single Hey Nelly Nelly unaccountably failed to make the Top 10, introduced Francesca to the rock ‘n’ roll milieu. ‘I turned my back on my conservative, Catholic values. I became an urban indulgee.’

16 10 2008

was this film ever released on dvd?
a friend of mine was in a group called hedgehoppers anonymous called mike tinsley and he said he appeared in this movie?

16 10 2008

Hi Tony,

Unfortunately this movie has never been released on VHS or DVD.
If I remember well, I think Arlo Hennings (Shawn’s manager) asked to the movie company for a copy and they wanted too much money for it.

What was your friend role in the movie?

16 10 2008

If someone has this movie on tape somewhere, please let me know.

14 05 2012

I have a photo promo shot of the scene of her touching his chin in bed, bought it in the 80’s as it looked interesting, only now found it and googled it, shame i cannot see the move it comes from 😦

16 05 2012
Jean Boissonneault

Great, Could you send me a digital version of it to be shown here for all Shawn’s fans?

25 11 2008

I run a website for Mike Tinsley he was in a band in the 60’s called Hedgehopper’s Anonnymous they had a hit with a song called “Good News Week”
and he told me that he appeared in this film maybe with the band. so thats why i ended up looking for this film and finding your website, Mike’s website is
Thanks for answering my question
All the best

29 03 2011

Hi there, I am trying to track down a copy of this film desperately. Can you let me know who I can ask in order to try to retrieve one?

2 04 2011

Once, I think, Shawn’s manager asked to the movie company to get a copy but they asked way too much money for it.

30 03 2011

Can you help me to get a copy of the movie poster?

2 04 2011

I copied this image from a site that sold it on the Internet some years ago. I didn’t get it because of the high cost. Google it, maybe you will be lucky.

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