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Anonymous Astronimus (197?)
Purple’s What You Get with Red and Blue (197?)
2020 (198?)
I’m Getting Too Old (1996)


Run With the Wind (1966)
Cain’s Film (1969)
Future Kick (1991)



3 responses

13 06 2010
lance atkinson

I heard this song when I was a child the lyrics included ” take your time in the morning sun ,it only lasts for half a day ” I think it was by an artist named Shawn Phillips It was one of the most beautiful songs I can remember from my childhood Can you help me? Do you know the name of this song and what album it was on it was late 60`s early 70`s These lyrics have been rolling around in my head for 40 years Thank you for your time .Have a really really great week Lance Atkinson

14 06 2010

Stop searching, the song is “Us We Are” from Collaboration album.

You can also hear it here (need Real Player)

15 05 2011
Laurie Gilmore

Back in 1971 my husband and attended a concert by Shawn Phillips. One of the songs he sang was, I believe, the poem “A Fale”. Are there any recordings of this and if so how could I purchase one. It has stuck with me all of these years…Laurie

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