What’s Happenin’, Jim?

22 04 2008

I hear voices calling me
won’t you take me to
the day I know
where the sun keeps shining through the snow
and you’re looking at me with the eyes of someone loved
or loving
in the world of steel and the world of clowns
you don’t know where you stand right now
and the change is driving you right out of your mind
or inside
and are you going to be afraid today
there are so many ways that you make your fear
the things you see and the things you hear
around you
but what you gonna do when the sun goes down
and there ain’t nobody else there in the town
and you have to go walking around all by yourself
in misery?
but don’t you see the green on the mountainside
or don’t you feel the love that you fight inside?
like the rock that breaks and falls into the sea
it’s falling
and ol’ Jim Creegan he’s singing this song
and he’s playing that guitar all day long
bringing it back to where it’s a comin’ from
he’s calling




One response

22 03 2009
Shawn Phillips

Written at A&M in the conference room in New York, while reminiscing on Italy, and looking at the city. Jim was and is Jim Cregan, who is now a fine producer in his own right, and was Rod Stewart lead guitarist for quite some time, I believe.

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