A Christmas Song (1970)

15 01 2018

He came in the way that good things come with the light shining in His eyes
And most people thought He was an other little babe that wrinkled up His face and cried

And then one wise man, two wise men, three wise men, come (a) from a far
And the many coloured men knew this was a special child and that’s why they followed that star

Do do do (etc.) (Ad lib., scat each time)

He come East then West then He found Himself in forty day and forty night
He gave a lot of love to ev’ryone He met and He told them that the way was right

And then the people drew near, said they wanna hear, what’s all this talkin’ about
And ev’rybody loved that Man so much that they wanted to laugh and shout

Do do do (etc.)

But a bunch of people said He had the wrong idea so they told him to forget that thought
So a secretive society came about and they were lookin’ for the love they sought

And then the people in power said we, gave you an order, go back and be a carpenter
But the shining on His face told ’em He was right so they put Him on a cross right there

Do do do (etc.)

Now He’s been gone for a mighty long time and we’ve forgotten what the Man had said
Yeh a look at your life in the right direction and be sure to look inside your head

And when you get around your, Christmas tree, be sure to give all you can
‘Cos the more you’re gonna give the more you’re gonna get to be a woman or gentle man

Now Christmas and Easter ain’t the only time that we should be that way
A love all the people and help your neighbour each and ev’ry single day

And when you do that you feel where it’s at you’ll feel what I’m talkin’ around
And then the whole wide world is gonna live in peace and ev’rybody gonna be found

Well, ev’rybody go
Yeh Do do do (etc.)




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