Furious Desperation

22 06 2016

Look at all those fat cats, lined up toe to toe
They don’t have to pay no taxes, they don’t have no row to hoe
They spit on folks like us these day, look down in grim elation
They cannot feel us tumbling down, in furious desperation.

No, it’s hockey jocks and football stars with 10 year short careers,
That take the money meant to go teachers and their peers,
Police burn out 6 years or less, nurses man their stations,
We pay them shit while they give their all, in furious desperation.

Movie stars and trashed out cars, while most don’t have a ride
If hurt or sick and got no bread, they’ll say, well they just died
No insurance, county’s full, the ambulance is transportation
To take you on the useless rounds, in furious desperation.

One tanker spills it’s rotten load, the prices shoot sky high
The money’s there, the profits made, let natures balance fry
Let’s kill the birds and nuke the whales, let’s use imagination
Then we can double the intensity of our furious desperation.

Hail hail the gangs all here with uzis and mac 10s
We take what you got, what we can’t have, the gold Mercedes Benz
With crack and smack we will belong, we’ll be another nation
We’ll show you how to cut the pie, in furious desperation.

Don’t look to God or devil now, for both of them are taken
This is the earth for all us folks, it’s not yet all forsaken
Just wake up to priorities, forget the conflagration
Now concentrate your faith and love in glorious creation.

(Written in 1990)




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