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8500 Years Lyrics
A Christmas Song Lyrics Music sheet or tab
All Our Love Lyrics
All the Kings and Castles Lyrics Music sheet or tab
America Lyrics
Anello (Where Are You) Lyrics
Another Country Lyrics
Armed Lyrics
As All Is Played Lyrics
Ascent Lyrics
Bach to the Fusion Lyrics
Believe In Life Lyrics
Beyond the Rain Lyrics
Big Rig Lyrics
Black Girl Lyrics
Blunt and Frank Lyrics
Breakthrough Lyrics
Bright White Lyrics Music sheet or tab
Brilliance Lyrics
Burning Fingers Lyrics
C’Mon Round Lyrics
Calico and Rainbows Lyrics
Cape Barras
Choices Lyrics
Circles Lyrics
City To City Lyrics
Cloudy Summer Afternoon Lyrics
Coal Tattoo Lyrics
Coming Down Soft & Easy Lyrics
Dancing in Survival Lyrics
Devil’s Highway Lyrics
Discoveries Lyrics
Do You Wonder Lyrics
Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name Lyrics
Dream Queen Lyrics Music sheet or tab
Early In the Night Lyrics
Early Morning Hours Lyrics
Ease Your Mind Lyrics
Everything She Gives Me Lyrics
F Sharp Splendor
Fondest Dreams Lyrics
For Her Lyrics
For RFK, JFK and MLK Lyrics
Free Samples Lyrics
From All Of Us Lyrics
Funkin’ Country Rock and Roll Stew
Furious Desperation Lyrics
Going Home Lyrics
Golden Flower Lyrics
Good Evening Madam Lyrics
Hadeda Lyrics
Hey Miss Lonely Lyrics
Hey Nelly Nelly Lyrics
Hie Away Lyrics
I Don’t Want To Leave You,
I Just Came To Say Good-Bye
I Took a Walk Lyrics
I’m a Loner Lyrics
I’m an American Child (On a Nuclear Pile) Lyrics
I’m Tired Lyrics
I Will Never Leave Lyrics
Implications Lyrics
In Grace We Intend Lyrics
In the Hills of Shiloh Lyrics
Infancy Lyrics
It Takes No Time Lyrics
It Was a Very Good Year Lyrics
Italian Phases
It’s a Beautiful Morning Lyrics Music sheet or tab
January First Lyrics
Julia’s Letters Lyrics
Keep On Lyrics
L Ballade Lyrics
Lady In Violet Lyrics
Lady of the Blue Rose Lyrics Music sheet or tab
Lament pour l’enfant mort Lyrics
Landscape Lyrics
Lasting Peace Of Mind Lyrics Music sheet or tab
Life Lyrics
Light of Life Lyrics
Little Tin Soldier Lyrics
London Town Lyrics
Lookin’ Up Lookin’ Down Lyrics
Looking at the Angel Lyrics
Lost and Lonely Lyrics
Lovely Lady Lyrics
Man Hole Covered Wagon Lyrics
Man with a Gun Lyrics
Maria Lyrics
May Peace Prevail On Earth Lyrics
Miniver Cheevy Lyrics
Mirror of Light Lyrics
Moments Lyrics
Money Dance Lyrics
Moonshine Lyrics
Most of Us Don’t Understand At All Lyrics
Motes of Dust Lyrics
Mr. President Lyrics
My Favourite Things Lyrics
Ninety-Two Years Lyrics
No Question Lyrics
Nobody Listens Lyrics
Not Quite Nonsense Lyrics
Of Love Lyrics
Old Blue Lyrics
One Way Ticket Lyrics
Par For the Course Lyrics
Parisian Plight I Lyrics
Parisien Plight II Lyrics
Planned “O” Lyrics Music sheet or tab
Power of a Woman Lyrics
Prelude To a Leaving
Pride of Man Lyrics
Radio Lyrics
Rant Lyrics
Remedial Interruption
Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve Lyrics
Salty Tears Lyrics Music sheet or tab
Sands of Time Lyrics
Schmaltz Waltz
Screamer For Phlyses Lyrics
See You Lyrics
Seek and Ye Shall Find Lyrics
Serendipity Peace Lyrics
Share the Wealth Lyrics
Silhouettes Lyrics
Sleep Pretty Baby Lyrics
Sleepwalker Lyrics
Slowly Lyrics
Solitude Lyrics
Some Things Will Never Change Lyrics
Song For a Thief Lyrics
Song For Mr. C Lyrics
Song For Northern Ireland Lyrics
Song For Sagittarians Lyrics
Spaceman Lyrics
Spaghetti Inquisition
Spitefull Lyrics
Springwind Lyrics
Starbright Lyrics
Starlight Lyrics
Stargazer Lyrics
Steel Eyes Lyrics
Storm Lyrics
Stranded Lyrics
Summer Came Lyrics
Summer Vignette Lyrics
Take It Easy Lyrics
Take the Day Lyrics
Talking In the Garden Lyrics
Technotronic Lad Lyrics Music sheet or tab
The Ballad of Casey Deiss Lyrics
The Bells Lyrics
The Bells of Rhymney Lyrics
The Force That We Call Life Lyrics
The Hills of Shiloh Lyrics
The Light From Between Your Eyes Lyrics
The (New) Frankie And Johnny Song
The Man Lyrics
The Only Logical Conclusion
Or: Get Up Off Your Ass and Dance
Theme From the March On Washington Lyrics
Times of a Madman, Trials of a Thief Lyrics
Today Lyrics
Tough Love Lyrics
Tribute to D
Troof Lyrics
Try To Find a Way Lyrics
Us We Are Lyrics
Victoria Emmanuele Lyrics Music sheet or tab
Wailing Wall Lyrics
Watch Over Mary Anne Lyrics
We Lyrics
What’s Happenin’ Jim! Lyrics
Whaz’zat Lyrics
Wind of the Angels Lyrics
Withered Roses Lyrics
Woman Mine Lyrics
Xasper Lyrics
You’ve Heard My Voice Lyrics



One response

11 08 2016
Acoustic Phases

If anyone would love to hear my cover songs of Shawn Phillips please stop on by to have a listen, or watch, some of them you can click on watch in high quality at the lower right hand sode of the video window.

Just follow the link above and once there click on my cover songs of Shawn Phillips list.

Love his music and that is why I sing his songs and honor Shawn in doing so.


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