Another Contribution – An Anthology (1995)

Another Contribution
Out of print

  1.  City To City
  2.  Dream Queen
  3.  Landscape
  4.  All the Kings and Castles 
  5.  Talking In the Garden
  6.  Springwind
  7.  Burning Fingers
  8.  Believe In Life
  9.  Wailing Wall
  10.  What’s Happenin’, Jim?
  11.  See You
  12.  Serendipity Peace
  13.  Italian Phases
  14.  Finale

CD: A&M/PolyGram South Africa MMTCD 1930


2 responses

27 02 2009
Shawn Phillips


“Another Contribution”. I travel quite a lot, if I enter into a conversation that lasts longer than ten minutes, the question inevitably arises, after the establishment of my occupation as a musician,
‘What kind of music do you make?’ It would be impossible for me to count the number of times I have been asked that question. The questioner usually answers their own query by immediately
stating one or another field of conditioned response to the word music. Country? Blues? Rock? They look at me expectantly, glowingly, absolutely certain that they have hit the proverbial nail on
the head with one of those three responses. The cocked head, and crestfallen, perplexed facial expressions that follows with my answer, has never failed to crack me up, because I always answer
that question by looking straight in their eyes, and saying ‘Fulfilling’!!!

“Welcome to the third Shawn Phillips compilation album. Again I have been asked to pick the songs that I think will comply with my response to that above mentioned question. I will soon be
celebrating the fact that I have lasted almost 30 years in the music business. I was even in it when music had something to do with the business, I might add. Sadly, this is no longer true today. I
stated on the last album that one of the purposes of music was Enlightenment, as well as Entertainment and Healing. The men and women of the corporate end of the business of the music, seem
to be deadly intent on adding Endarkenment as one of the purposes!!!

The hue and cry that arose over incidents like the Milli Vanilli affair and the subsequent knowledge of the deliberate manipulation of the public, and humiliation of those 2 poor dudes, and their
disappearance put a huge dent in the public trust of the people who are the powers behind the business of music. With things like the publication of an article in Rolling Stone Magazine of the
phenomenal Corporate arrogance behind MTV, and their admittance that they really couldn’t give a damn what went out over the air, and into the minds, hearts, and souls of literally millions of
culturally deprived children, as long as it achieved a profit margin. I seriously doubt that the trust will ever be regained. It is my job to negate and try to undo the damage caused by people like
that, and I can only do it in my miniscule way by presenting you, the listening public, another album of what I believe to be timeless, fadless, integral, and meaningful compositions, that hopefully
will manipulate the only thing that should be manipulated …… our hearts!!!

While I’m at it, I must inform my listeners that recently (November 15th, 1994), my own heart was quite literally manipulated to the tune of Quadruple Bypass Open Heart Surgery. 42 years of fat
foods and smoking caught up with me. I would like to give a special Thanks to all my Friends and Fans who were aware of this procedure and their encouragement and support. I also would like to
acknowledge the extra-effort put in by my manager Arlo Hennings, Bob Garcia & staff at A&M in Los Angeles and the staff at Polygram South Africa.”

1 03 2009
Scott Rode

Hey Shawn, we as fans are very thankful for you and your family that you pulled thru that bypass surgury.

I and many others are anxiously waiting for the Minnesota Zoo DVD to be printed and delivered.

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