Donovan - Fairytale 1965

Donovan – Fairytale

  6. The Summer Day Reflection Song (12 string guitar)
  8. Jersey Thursday (12 string guitar)
11. The Little Tin Soldier (Composer)

+ Canadian pressing

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Donovan - Sunshine Superman 1966

Donovan – Sunshine Superman

  3. Three King Fishers (Sitar)
  4. Ferris Wheel (Sitar)
  6. Season of the Witch (Music composer not credited)
  8. Guinevere (Sitar and Co-writer not credited)
  9. The Fat Angel (Sitar and Co-writer not credited)
10. Celeste (Sitar)
Breezes of Patchulie (Sitar) Released in 1992

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Donovan - Mellow Yellow 1967

Donovan – Mellow Yellow

10. Sunny South Kensington (Sitar)

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Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967

Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

10. Lovely Rita (Background vocals not credited)

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Gilbert Montagné 1967

Gilbert Montagné

(Shawn plays guitars)

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Tucker Zimmerman - Ten Songs 1969

Tucker Zimmerman – Ten Songs

3. A Face That Hasn’t Sold Out (Electric guitar)
5. Children Of Fear (Sitar)

Blossom Toes - If Only for a Moment 1969

Blossom Toes – If Only for a Moment

10. Just Above my Hobby Horse’s Head(12 string & Sitar)

+ Re-released in Canada as “The Psychedelic Sound of Blossom Toes, Vol. 2

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Wynder K. Frog - Into the Fire 1970

Wynder K. Frog – Into the Fire

5. Eddie’s Tune (Lead vocal and Guitar)

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Bernie Taupin - Taupin 1971

Bernie Taupin – Taupin

(Shawn plays Guitar (6&12 String), Guitar (Electric), Sitar, Vocals and Koto)
1. Child
G) To a Grandfather (Music co-composer)
4. Today’s Hero (Music co-composer)
7. Verses After Dark
B) Ratcatcher (Music composer)
C) The Visitor (Music composer)

+ Alternate album cover

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Linda Lewis - Say No More 1971

Linda Lewis – Say No More

(Shawn plays guitars)

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Armando Piazza - Suàn 1972

Armando Piazza – Suàn

(Shawn plays Bass, Fuzz-bass, Acoustic, electric guitar and all arrangements)

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Armando Piazza - Naus 1973

Armando Piazza – Naus

(Shawn plays Bass, Fuzz-bass, Acoustic and electric guitar)

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Michael Kamen - New York Rock 1973

Michael Kamen – New York Rock

2. Hot As the Sun (Music composer)
7. Indian Summer (Music co-composer)

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Simon Lanzon and Bradley Husband - Nostalgia 1975

Simon Lanzon and Barry Husband – Nostalgia

5. Westminster Bridge (Sitar)

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Cosmic Debris - 3.7K 1980

Cosmic Debris – 3.7K

1. Fanfair/Spectrum (Guitar & Guitar synthesizer)
2. In the not So Still Gentleness of the Night (Guitar & Guitar synthesizer)
3. Danse of the Sines (Guitar & Guitar synthesizer)

Light - Keys 1981

Light – Keys

7. It’s For You Part II (Backing vocals)

Dan Jenks - Say No More 1981

Dan Jenks – Say No More

7. Roots of War (Background vocal)
10. After Darkness Takes It’s Toll (Background vocal)

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Ray Campbell Jr. - Hide Them Away 1990

Ray Campbell Jr. – Hide Them Away

1. He Can Fly (Vocals arrangement)
3. Last of Nine Lives (Acoustic guitar)

+ Re-released in 1992 as “He Can Fly

Van Zyl, Van der Spuy and Vennote - Hadeda 2003

Van Zyl, Van der Spuy and Vennote – Hadeda

5. Hadeda (Lead vocal)


A Symphonic Rock Spectacular – Open Your Eyes

2. Tides of Man listen (Lead vocal, Guitar and Composer)

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