Second Contribution (1970)

Second Contribution
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  2.  Keep On
  3.  Sleepwalker
  4.  Song For Mr. C
  5.  The Ballad Of Casey Deiss
  6.  Song For Sagittarians
  7.  Lookin’ Up Lookin’ Down
  8.  Remedial Interruption
  9.  Whaz’zat
  10.  Schmaltz Waltz
  11.  F Sharp Splendor
  12.  Steel Eyes

All titles written by Shawn Phillips except (11) written by Paul Buckmaster
CD: A&M CD3128 and CD69931 ( 1988 )
Vinyl: A&M SP 4282
Producer: Jonathan Weston
Engineer: Robin Cable


4 responses

2 04 2009
Scott Rode

I would turn off the lights at night, lay on the couch with the headphones on and listen to this album over and over again and again. I would feel Myself and my emotions living the words in his songs and letting his musical compositions transport my nagual to places seldom seen by mortal eyes.

25 10 2009

This is Shawns most popular album, probably, and a good place to start if you have never heard Shawn before. But dont be afraid also to give a listen to the albums Faces and Collaboration, which are both respectfully as inviting and pleasing to the ears and heart.

12 06 2011

My father played Shawn on record from when I was a little girl. We have videos of me dancing to him when I was very young. As a teenager I used to just lie on the floor and listen to him I’m now in my twenties and discovering him all over again, yet this time it means something different to me. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful than the Ballad of Casey Deiss.

29 03 2014
Joel Gagnon

When a remaster of this marvelous album? An SACD will be great!

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