Furthermore (1974)

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  1.  January First
  2.  Starbright
  3.  Breakthrough
  4.  Ninety-Two Years
  5.  See You
  6.  Planscape
  7.  Troof
  8.  Cape Barras
  9.  Song For Northern Ireland
  10.  Mr. President
  11.  Talking In the Garden
  12.  Furthermore

All titles written by Shawn Phillips except “January First”, “Cape Barras”, “Furthermore” by Phillips/Robinson and “Planscape” by Phillips/Buckmaster
CD: Wounded Bird Records WOU 3662 ( 1998 )
Vinyl: A&M SP 3662
Producer: Jonathan Weston


4 responses

2 04 2009
Scott Rode

really would love to learn breakthrough and Song for Northern Ireland on this album, wonderfully written and with such heart just boggles the mind how one can write such beauty.

25 10 2009

My second favorite Shawn album. Strong songs, nice production , and great musician ship throughout.

1 02 2011

in a concert held in 1971 in Montreal, Canada, Shawn Phillips played this song, “STARBRIGHT” live during that tour schedule, … anyway, it did not appear on any album till this one in 1974, He said that music and lyrics were written in 7 minutes. Im listening to this concert as we speak, wow, in 1971 I was going to school in Annandale and I was only 14.

11 12 2011

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