Collaboration (1971)

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  1.  Us We Are
  2.  Burning Fingers
  3.  Moonshine
  4.  For Her
  5.  What’s Happenin’ Jim!
  6.  Armed
  7.  Spaceman
  8.  Times of a Madman, Trials of a Thief
  9.  8500 Years
  10.  The Only Logical Conclusion
  11.  Coming Down Soft & Easy
  12.  Springwind

All titles written by Shawn Phillips
CD: Wounded Bird Records WOU 4324 ( 1998 )
Vinyl: A&M SP 4324
Producer: Jonathan Weston for Philjo Music Inc.
Engineer: Robin Cable


4 responses

4 11 2008
Scott Rode

On this album is that old car that Shawn, Peter and Paul are sitting in.
Does Shawn know the where abouts of this car. who has it, is it still around to tell tales?

Anyone have any information about this car and can divuldge that information, that would be awesome.


4 11 2008

One day Shawn told me he had to sell it because he needed money. He has no idea what happen to it since.

6 04 2009
Scott Rode

Thanks for the answer Jean, it’s really too bad he let that car go, Maybe someday it will show up on the auction floor in some small town and it will say on the little card that it was used in a photo shoot for a Shawn Phillips album cover.

25 10 2009

Springwind…sigh…love that song soooo much!!!! And Moonshine…wow!

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