Bright White (1973)

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  1.  Bright White
  2.  Salty Tears
  3.  All the Kings and Castles
  4.  Victoria Emmanuele
  5.  Planned “O”
  6.  Lasting Peace of Mind
  7.  Technotronic Lad
  8.  Dream Queen
  9.  It’s a Beautiful Morning
  10.  Lady of the Blue Rose

All titles written by Shawn Phillips
CD: Wounded Bird Records WOU 4402 ( 1998 )
Vinyl: A&M SP 4402
Producer: Jonathan P. Weston (with the help of Robert Appere)


4 responses

2 04 2009
Scott Rode

I seriously really enjoyed this album when it first came out. Beautiful lyrics and musical compositions that rival the masters.

25 10 2009

I actually heard Bright White (the song) on the radio here in Houston..those were the days! 🙂

1 02 2011

“Lady of the Blue Rose” was heard live in Montreal back in 1971. I’m listening to this fabulous concert as we speak. wow. I love how he sings and plays this song live.

1 02 2011

wow, “All the kings and Castles” heard as well during this concert series in 1971 wow, how many songs did he have written prior to them actually getting put or grooved, lol… on to vinyl. This is incredible, just wonderful. It must have been so kool to listen to these brand new songs before they ever came out on an album.

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