Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve (1976)

Rumplestiltskin's Resolve
Unreleased on CD

  1. Early Morning Hours
  2. Spitefull
  3. Today
  4. Wailing Wall
  5. Hie Away
  6. Serendipity Peace
  7. Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve

All titles written by Shawn Phillips
Vinyl: A&M SP 4582
Produced by Shawn Phillips


15 responses

26 03 2009
vicky coad

is there any chance getting this on vinyl or cd?

2 04 2009
Scott Rode

Another great album, just fantastic and really well written. His vocals are just phenominal on this album.

I wonder if Shawn was feeling photogenic that day and was dressed up to play the part of each person on that album.

1 02 2011

I asked Shawn one day about the different people on this album, he said that he did a progression or rather a regression. He went from him as him in full beard and mustache to the foo man chu, the character behind the Indian, to the guy in the background standing toasting the large silver mug to shaving clean to be the Indian on his left and then the character on his right. and two other guys there to make up all 7even characters

3 04 2009

I never see and hear much from Rumplestiltskin’s Resolve, if anyone knows of these tracks on the web, could you point me there? Thanks, Tracy

3 04 2009

Tracy, as you surely found, you can hear all songs of all albums in the Exhaustive Song List.
Several songs of this album have fortunately been re-release on Shawn’s Greatest Hits CD like Another Contribution, An Anthology and The Best of… A&M Years.

22 06 2009
dw kiles

All of the SP recordings are unbelievable, but as far as some of the later 70’s recordings, this was always one of my favorites, so when I saw wounded bird re-releasing the older recordings on cd, I was totally excited… BUT.. what happened? No release for RR! I remember after a show in Pawling NY in 03, I asked Shawn, and he said it was being tied up by record label(s), but didn t really elaborate beyond that. Is there any new word on if this might really be available on cd someday.. in it’s entirety. Thanks ! dw

25 06 2009

Unfortunately, there is no project to release it for the moment, the record company ask too much to access to the master tape.

30 06 2009

What a shame….

25 10 2009

This is my personal favorite Shawn album. Hope it makes it to cd one day.

14 09 2011
Teresa Waller

I still have a copy of Rumplestiltskins Resolve buried in a box of recovered records after a fire in my home. All my records survived but the cleaning has been slow, tedious and SLOW. I would find ANY music this man recorded and collect it as he is a rare and enlightening soul who brings many smiles and heals much pain through his music. I found his Second Contribution album in 1973 in San Antonio and I have tried to listen to him ever since. He has a special place in my heart. I hope to see him perform live for the first time soon in Dallas.


14 09 2011
Teresa Waller

If anyone can get his music rereleased digitally I WOULD BUY IT ALL

15 09 2011

Some albums are available on CD or download on Also check the Shop section of Shawn’s official web site.

19 05 2012

Yes, we need this in a loss-less FLAC format, this is a classic CD as well as Second Contribution, I have Second Contribution on CD, Priceless! I can’t believe Rumplestiltskin has not been released on CD yet. What is the world coming to repressing great musicians like Shawn. Grrr, this new generation of kids just don’t know. Like Teresa said above, “If anyone can get his music rereleased digitally I WOULD BUY IT ALL”

10 01 2013

Hi there guys.
Thought you would like to know we are releasing Rumple and Spaced this year on Talking Elephant Records. ~Just done the deal with Sony.

18 03 2013

You can get a cd by emailing his manager via the link on The price is $15 usd I think.

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