I’m a Loner (1964)

I'm a Loner album renamed Favourite Things
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  1.  I’m a Loner 
  2.  I’m Tired 
  3.  Little Tin Soldier (Shawn Phillips) 
  4.  Pride of Man
  5.  It Was a Very Good Year
  6.  My Favourite Things
  7.  Hey Nelly Nelly
  8.  In the Hills of Shiloh
  9.  The Bells
  10.  Solitude (Shawn Phillips)
  11.  Nobody Listens (Shawn Phillips)
  12.  You’ve Heard my Voice
  13.  Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name (Shawn Phillips) (CD bonus track)

CD: Wounded Bird Records WOU 1748 (1999)
Vinyl mono: Columbia 33SX1748 (April 5, 1964)
Produced by Dennis Preston for the CBS Lansdowne series.
Then renamed to Favourite Things in 1965
after Capitol Records purchased the series.
Vinyl mono: Capitol T6412 (1965)


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22 02 2008

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10 04 2013

hi shawn i’m 29 theach its very good your music

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