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June 12, Chez Maurice, St-Lazarre, Qc, Canada
It was again a great show by Shawn with the group NexXx. The sound, the audience and the performance were unforgettable.
The group was more confident and the chimistry with Shawn was improved.

Shawn screwed up a bit The Ballad of Casey Deiss but redid it PERFECTLY during the encore.

I include here videos and among them my fav “Springwind” and the “not heard for a long time on stage”: All the Kings and Castles and others:

Kudos to Shawn, Serge and the guys of NexXx.


May 29, St-Arnould micro-brewry, Mont-Tremblant, Qc, Canada
I witnessed a great show at St-Arnould micro-brewry. Shawn played with the group NexXx and it made a huge difference compare to his usual solo show.
The group played very well despite few rehersal hours they had with Shawn. The crowd was attentive and very happy of what they heard on stage.

Unfortunalely Shawn forgot to do Londown Town in the beginning of the show but as he said “I have an excuse to forget things, I am 67 after all.” 🙂

Fortunately, we had the chance to hear one bonus song not on the regular setlist which is “An American Child”. The version of Woman was fantastic and I really enjoy “Springwind”.

Here is some videos of performances of that night:

Thanks Shawn and the guys of NexXx for this superb evening.




July 30, The Pioneer Place Theater, St Cloud, Minneapolis USA


July 19, Weesner (Zoo) Amphitheater, Minneapolis USA


April 24, The Cactus Cafe, Austin USA
July 8, The Spitz, London UK


March 27, The Roadhouse, Austin USA
April 13, Jazz Cafe, London UK
April 26, Le Bistro St-Georges, Drummondville Canada
May 2, Le Medley, Montréal Canada
May 4, La Boüte à Chansons du Vieux Palais, L’Assomption Canada
May 14, Cabaret Liquor Store, Ste-Foy Canada
June 17, Muddy River Smokehouse, Portsmouth USA
June 28, Kickapoo Music Fest, Edom USA
Oct. 16, Fitzgerald’s, Chicago USA
Oct. 23, John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington USA


March 23, Medley, Montreal Canada (25th anniversary concert)
Nov. 29, Canal Street Tavern, Dayton USA

Also a nice rendition of “Blunt and Frank” presented by Taxi Jam:


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5 04 2008

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23 08 2012

I just scrolled through at least 10 song as per your on line concert sampling and I must say I think he Shawn a very very talented man. It is likely too late for these comments to make any nevermind, but I found these songs to be rather depressing. They are all played in minor Keys and the lyrics, though likely meaningful to some besides Shawn, have no appeal to me, a man of Shawn’s age. My advice, had I known him 20 years ago would have been to try something more upbeat, using major chords. Some of us, I think most, prefer more music that evokes happier responses.

4 01 2013
Martin Kromberg

The brilliance of the man is that he doesn’t always play the major upbeat chords, but I’ve been listening to him for 42 years now so I really do get it!

1 06 2014

Just watched Shawn playing last night for a fundraising event in Plettenberg Bay. I’ve been listening to him for 30 years; it was really nostalgic to hear the songs live and face up to the passing of time! But his energy on stage is far greater than on the languid albums; fantastic virtuoso guitar swopping and playing and I loved his humble demeanor and sharing of how he writes. What a star!

22 07 2008
Helene S.

I had the opportunity of attending 4 concerts during the Quebec 2008 tour: Club soda ,Dollar Cinema, Waterloo, and an outdoor concert in Boucherville.

My favorite venue was Dollar Cinema, a small theatre with confortable seats and no interference, noise from the waiter, etc…
It reminded me a lot when i saw Shawn at Place des arts in the 70s. A real concert hall were i think an artist of his caliber should be performing.
Every concert was unique in his own way. His songs selection was slightly different. What fascinates me is the knowledge he has from the stories or jokes he tells between every song. I can only walk out of a concert feeling more enlighted. Thank you Shawn.

Mr. Phillips is a true living legend, a music icon as well as an author, composer and performer. He is certainly one of the best example of an artist that stays true to his craft and to himself, the real deal.

PS: By the way, Shawn does not suffer anymore from C.R.S.(Can’t Remember Shit). At Boucherville outdoor concert, he was explaining that he needs to read the lyrics to sing the song “Lovely Lady” because he haven’t performed this song live for over 35 years. Shawn places the sheets on the easel, starts singing and suddenly the wind blew and his sheets were all scattered on the stage floor, and you know what, he continued with no hesitation. At the end of the song, he said “I din’t need them after all”

21 08 2008
Scott Rode

This is no less than a treat. Anything dealing with Shawn Phillips is AWESOME.

I just saw him in concert at the Minnesota Zoo amphitheater on July 19, 2008, that was a truly awe inspiring concert. I took some video of one song titled L’ Ballade and uploaded it to my youtube account, acousticphases

Come on over and see all the different videos there are of Shawn in concert. I also have a few of his songs on video that I sang, so come on over and enjoy.

21 08 2008
Peggy T

I have to let you all know that I love his music.. Was at his concert at the Guthery on the 70’s and saw him at the zoo in Mpls. Hey, he saved my life… Have been going throught hard times and seeing him at the zoo gave me so very much hope… A real person… Hey, I even got a picture of me with him… Man, he is so awesome…
Love to all you,
[His fan for life]

21 08 2008
Peggy T

Ya my hundred is in the mail… He is a master!!!! Loved the concert at the zoo … Was wondering if there would be a CD somewhere to come!!! Thanks for the info Scott! Lets all bless this man for his talent and his gift of music!

30 08 2008
David Kidd

My wife and I saw Shawn in Chicago March ’08…wow ! my older brother saw Shawn in the late ’70’s open for Joni Mitchell in Milwaukee and I’ve been borrowing the lp’s ever since. Almost thirty years of listening to everything Shawn and then to finally witness him live was simply fantastic ! We hung around after the show and met Shawn and got autographs. It was a nite I’ll always remember and treasure. We’ve contributed $100.00 to Living Colloboration and are looking forward to watching and listening soon. Just want to say Thank You Shawn, Thank You.

18 05 2009
dave kidd

ooops ! it was joan baez…not Joni Mitchell…my apologies…just saw Shawn in Chicago the 16th….great show !!! seemed as if there were some technical difficulties with equipment but was impressed with his ability to still hit the high notes….Hey Miss Lonely and Song for Saggitarians was killer !!!! keep coming to Fitzgeralds and we’ll never miss !!!! Thanks Shawn…

15 03 2009
Scott Rode

Here is a trip back in time, back to december of 1990, wish I remembered the actual day this concert took place on but I do not know this. It was a concert to introduce his newest album titled “Beyond Here Be Dragons” My brother and I went to this concert at the Fine Line Music Cafe here in Minneapolis, MN and I was as anxiouse as a little school boy waiting to see this awesome singer/songwriter for the first time in my life, I started listening to Shawn’s music in 1970 when he came out with Collaboration, Contribution, Second Contribution. Love his style, his music, but it was such a fantastic treat to watch him up close and personnal at the fine Line that night, got to talk to him for a few minutes and get his autograph. What I found truly amazing was the crowd new his songs so well that when Shawn sang a song that had a pause in it, the crowd was silent, anticipating that next note, that was truly awesome.
The little stage was just a few inches higher than the rest of the floor, the back of the stage had this egg carton shaped grey foam on the wall for acoustics. The bar was on the left after you entered the place and there was even a balcony you could sit at to watch him from. Shawn had his mac sitting on a table like now with his electronic equipment and an electric piano.
This is the song list from that concert
Steel Eyes
Not Just A Pretty Face
Lost And Lonely
Ballad Of Casey Deiss
The Power Of A Woman
Most Of Us Don’t Understand At All
Hey Miss Lonely

I will never forget this concert and I thank you Shawn for your musical enlightenment then, now and into the future.

His final words that night were and I quote:

“God Bless you, I wish you health, love and clarity, youv’e been a most fantastic audience and you know I love you very much, thank you, God Bless you!”

What a beautiful person he is and always will be.

5 05 2009
Scott Rode

I just saw Shawn last night at the brand new Guthrie Theater here in Beautiful Downtown Minneapolis, MN.
Simply amazing, a concert beyond belief, funny and very entertaining, as well as a blast from the past as he played songs from all of his albums from the 70’s as well as a couple of brand new songs.
He started the show with “Us We Are” and “Burning Fingers” and “Hey Miss Lonley” plus “Moonshine” at the end of the show from his Collaboration album. Later he performed “Victoria Emmanuele” from his Bright White album, he sang “Serendipity Peace” from his Rumplestiltskins Resolve album. He also played “Talking in the Garden” & “Mr. President” from his Furthuremore album,
Shawn managed to squeze in “L’ Ballade” and “Man Hole Covered Wagon” from his Contribution album. He performed his encore by singing “Blunt and Frank and “Man Hole Covered Wagon”
Shawn is truly an inspiration to us all. I will always hold Shawn deep in my heart for the love of his music but also becuase he puts his life on the line when he is back in South Africa saving the lives of his fellow South African’s when thier lives are put in peril due to fire or other life threatening situations.
I love and salute you Shawn.

Acoustic Phases

P.S. I got his autograph and a photo of myself and Shawn standing together. Thats what I love about Shawn as he is always very personable and friendly.

14 06 2010
Acoustic Phases

WOW, GOOSBUMPS, fer shure, amazing to see Shawn sing those older songs, he still got his pipes and I just cant wait to see his performance here in the Twin Cities.

thanks Jean for sharring…… 😀

3 08 2010
Robert Laloie

Nous avons vu Shawn Phillips à la micro-brasserie Ste-Arnould de St-Jovite et nous avons apprécié énormément le spectacle. Ils nous fait toujours plaisir de revoir un artiste qui a su marquer notre vie comme il su le faire.

Je tiens à le remercier de continuer de nous éblouir par son charisme et sa simplicité. De plus, il aime tant son public et on le lui remet bien avec plaisir et amour.

Merci Shawn

31 08 2010
Mario Pronovost


We had the pleasure and privilege to have Shawn Phillips for our House Concert at French Café on English Road on June 24, 2010.

This was just the day after the earth quake, Shawn was stock right at the epicentre, the road was broken and our concert was planned, people from all over the Province of Quebec and Ontario were on their ways to attend to the show… Even his manager called me, and said we might have to cancel, Shawn might not be able to get to your place on time. I said lets wait and around 2 pm if he can’t make it, I will start calling to cancel the show. At 2 pm, his manager called back and said “Get ready Shawn is on English Road, he needs some help to unpack the truck he has more than 300 kg of gear…

WOW! We rushed and we made it happened none stop till the audience was arriving!!! What a man of trust! The show was absolutely amazing and please, who ever you are treat yourself hire Shawn Phillips, for your next House Concert. See comments and photos on our website.

– Mario Pronovost owner.

24 09 2010
Dakotacooks Website » Blog Archive » Shawn Phillips

[…] Shawn’s dedicated fans do a great job of archiving his performances here […]

6 11 2010
Bradley Marquardson

I played 8 trak in 1979 . Contibution it was givin to me. Know I Know I want every song Shawn sings or sings! My collection of his music is being consuemed becuse I buy then spread the music around in so. Utah. I wish Shawn will play in Springdale UT. Next year.

30 11 2010
Lucien Alexandre Marion

Shawn Phillips est un poĂšte et l’un des plus talentueux chanteur et musicien que j’ai eu la chance d’entendre en personne Ă  Ottawa ON, il y a plusieurs annĂ©es. Visionaire, gĂ©nĂ©reux dans ses chansons qui reflĂštent dans sa vie de nos jours l’entr’aide humanitaire. Un grand artiste et humaniste. Pour moi, l’un de ses chefs d’oeuvre c’est son album Rumplestilskin’s Resolve et sa chanson “Wailing Wall” une inspiration unique, donnĂ©e Ă  son public avec tellement
d’Ăąme et de passion que nous la vivons avec intensitĂ©. Quelle belle vision artistique, musicale , culturelle et littĂ©raire. Fantastique. Merci Shawn Phillips.
Lucien Alexandre Marion
(Gatineau Qc. Canada)

22 02 2011
Lucien Alexandre Marion

I beleive that Shawn Phillips is one of the most talented artist that I have heard in my life back. I remember about Shawn in a concert in Ottawa years ago and I still remember the noble presentation of his songs, this, still today in 2011. A great poet with a heart of gold and with such humility, modesty and natural. On his album Rumplestilskin’s Resolve the song “Wailing Wall” I beleive is a Master Piece of Art and Poetry given with such deep soul and with such great Dignity. Physicaly and vocaly unique in his recording especialy for perfoming that song… Hope he’ll be a long time with us sharing those magnificent texts of his own and of his inspirations. Thank you Shawn. Lucien Alexandre Marion Gatineau Qc Canada

20 11 2011
Kathy Brumbaugh

Is his appearance at the St. Paul, MN Fitzgerald Theater rescheduled–it was not held because of weather yesterday…………..

22 08 2014

Experienced 3 of his shows here in South Africa.. Cannot describe the emotion.. Just the best,

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