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Landscape Jeff’s remix (Download)

Wailing Wall Jeff’s remix (Download)

Burning Fingers Jeff’s remix (Download)

These 3 samples were created for Shawn in 2003 to hear chilled out versions of his songs. We had to use tracks that had very little or no instrumentation so this is why these tracks were chosen. Remix done by Jeff Slumkoski and Greg Geeves.


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11 05 2008
Jeff Slumkoski

Comment about the three Shawn Phillips remix samples:

All 3 songs were developed at Oxford Productions in Ottawa in 2003. After Shawn’s delight at hearing my techno version of Moonshine I discussed with him the idea of doing a chill-out CD of his music utilizing his vocals but building new beats and instrumentation around them. He was very eager to hear what that would sound like so I (Jeff Slumkoski) and my friend Greg Geeves gathered together some Shawn CDs and tried to see if we could pull any vocals from them. We needed samples that were completely devoid of any instruments. Just clean Shawn Phillips.

The first song that came to mind was “She Was Waiting…” ( a k a :Woman) but I had already lifted that sample for my techno Moonshine so it seemed a bit redundant. What you hear here are three samples sent to Shawn to give him an idea of what was possible. The mixes are rough and there is no post production frills added such as compression. These samples were the culmination of about 20 hours of studio time.

Shawn loved the samples.

Wailing Wall: This was our first attempt and was the easiest as the vocals were, for the most part, instrument free. The song is neither in perfect pitch (A440) or is his meter (timing) consistent throughout. So we had to speed him up and slow him down to get him to fit within the confines of drum loops unforgiving exactness. We contemplated running his vocals through a tuner (which seemed sacrilegious) but opted to tune everything slightly flat to fit his vocals. Don’t get me wrong Shawn was singing perfectly but either he had his guitar tuned slightly flat to give the song that Middle-Eastern feel or something happened in the transfer from tape to CD.

Landscapes: In our second attempt we wanted to try something a little more upbeat and loud. Just for fun. Sadly this song has instrumentation throughout but we discovered if you listed to just the left track at the beginning it is just Shawn singing with copious amounts of reverb. Good enough! It was also a very hissy track and no matter what we tried we couldn’t get rid of the hiss completely. As the song continues on Greg came up with a very clever chord pattern. Since we could only use the first few verses we decided to change the lines around and came up with “Level upon level; the rigors of War” the “organ” blast immediately following that line is actually Shawn’s vocals fed through some distortion.

Burning Fingers: This time rather than try and match the vocals to the computers loop we told the computer when to change it’s speed based on when Shawn does. In those old days no one played to a click track or anything that gave them perfect timing so the song actually speeds up and slows down ever so slightly. We programmed the computer to join along. It was time consuming but worth it. We found a nice drum loop and pretty much left the song in it’s entirety. We added some synth-strings and a lovely set of Koto plucks.

Although this project never went any further than this due to the lack of pristine vocal tracks it was a labour of love for Greg and I and a great treat for Shawn.

Hope you enjoy it.

Feedback would be great!

13 06 2010
lance atkinson

Excellent. Much appreciated. This is The Shawn Phillips that carried the torch from the 60`s. I see that now. Thank you so very much for your musical collaboration Greg and Jeff.

Lance Atkinson

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