July 30, The Pioneer Place Theater, St Cloud, MN

10 06 2010

July 30, 2009.
I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Shawn in concert once again this year.
I went with my sister, her boyfriend, my step sister and one of her friends. I also got to meet a EMH’r Barb Haider, very nice lady along with her daughter.
The Pioneer Place Theater up in St Cloud, MN is a small venue with steps that lead up into the front patio with a few tables and chairs, you walk in and a very narrow hall leads you to the ticket booth, on the right is a small seating area.
You hand the ticket taker your ticket and either go left to the balcony or to the right to the seating arrangments closer to the stage. We decided to go right and it had stadium theater seating which was nice. I myslef took a seat right next to the stage just to Shawn’s right by about 4 seats, good spot for digitally recording the concert, which was ok’d by Arlo Hennings, Shawn’s manager prior to the concert. I setup my recording equipment and we talked for a bit waiting for the grand entrance of Shawn.

First the owner of the place came out to say a few things about the upcoming shows and then introduced Shawn, the crowed roared and Shawn came out smiling and waiving his arm and hand at the crowd. He quickly sat down, plugged in, checked his dials and woke up his Mac, they like to sleep on the job I understand. LOL
He grabbed his Godin, pronounced “Go – Dan”, nylon stringed guitar, tuned it up and started the evening with “Us We Are” which was just phenomenal.
Here is the set list
1) Intro
2) Us We Are
3) Burning Fingers
4) Calico and Rainbows
5) Radio
6) The Devil’s Highway
7) L’ Ballade
8 ) Victoria Emmanuele
9) Hey Miss Lonely
10) Ascent
11) Everything She Gives Me
12) The Ballad of Casey Deiss
13) Song for Sagittarians
14) Slowly
15) Talking in the Garden
16) Mr. President
17) Moonshine
18) Starlight “Shawn wrote a tribute song to Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole”
19) Blunt and Frank
20) Man Hole Covered Wagon
22) Serendipity Peace – Encore song

After the show I proceeded to get into the line to see and talk with Shawn.
I handed him a photo of us that I had taken at the Guthrie Theater concert ealier this year, I signed that and handed it to Shawn, I figured why not give something to him as he is always giving to others. He took it from me and said thank you, then I handed him a photo of him I had printed out from the MN, Zoo concert held last year, he signed that and on the back wrote “Thank you Scott and stay in touch with Beth”. Beth is his first cousin who lives in Texas whom I have cooperated with concerning Shawn’s Genealogical background. I have his tree posted on Ancestry.com but it is private and would have to get Shawn’s permission to allow anyone else to view it.

I have uploaded all of the individual songs I recorded at the concert on his YouTube tribute site I created called SoundsOfTime.
Go there and open up the Pioneer Place Theater playlist and enjoy the whole concert.

It was an honor to have been able to record his show and an extreme honor to have met with, shook hands with this wonderful musical human being.
Thank you Shawn for being such a masterful musician and beautiful person and thank you Arlo for allowing me to record the concert.

Scott Rode


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