8 12 2017

Everybody wants to tell their story, everybody wants to feel some glory,
everybody has something they must say,
In a world that’s changing daily, many things are gonna make you crazy,
some people just really gotta have their way.

Pink granite makes a fine foundation, for a planet full of ribald nations,
makein’ trouble is the order of the day.
satisfaction in the world of treason, affectation in the voice of reason,
something tells me that we really better start to pray.

You better know you’re gonna be in danger, and it is coming from a total stranger,
he really wants to blow your ass away,
It’s not because of your race or color, they’re takin’ orders from a whacked out mullah,
they want us living in a long forgotten age.

Oil and money are the price for freedom, they’ll never have’em when they really need them,
a politician’s making sure it’ll stay that way,
now politicians are another problem, they’re making’ sure their money’s not forgotten,
they’re getting’ paid till the end of all their days.

I think they suffer from misoneism, they’re never votin’ for a whole new system,
you ought to know that you’re the one who pays,
so in the world of truth and justice, Richard’s gone but he said, “There’s just us”,
I think for them it sums it up that way.

Making’ sure this is place of beauty, there’s dereliction in the sense of duty,
counting profit is the same old tired cliche,
many people find it hard surviving, it ain’t living when you keep conniving,
certain people want to make it stay that way.

And Slowly, love will conquer hatred now and slowly, peace will show it’s face,
Slowly apathy is waning now and slowly fade…




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