Going Home

8 12 2017

Going home, going home to stay, going home,

I will leave and I will close that door, say goodbye to that illegal war,
was it for freedom, was it for right,
can I put a price on all the friends I lost at night,
is it even possible that this was done in spite,
what kind of man will send his brothers out to fight.

Going home, going home today , going home,

Back in society no need to be ashamed, they had no say in this, now they must place the blame,
was it for freedom. was it for oil,
did they have to give their lives and leave this mortal coil,
did they have to die on a strangers godforsaken soil,
with a little bit of help we could have found some other toil.

Going home, going home this day, going home,

Back to my family and my wife and child, they read my eyes and they all know I’ve been defiled
was it for freedom, was it for cash,
was I putting’ money in some greedy bastards stash,
did they even sense it in that last concussive flash,
I want some retribution from the souls that are unlashed.

Going home, going home to stay, going home,

It’s time to realize that history’s a door, we have to close it, no more money starting war,
Gotta be for freedom, gotta be for right,
gotta be for every man and woman in this light,
gotta teach our children when it’s wrong and when it’s right,
gotta open up our eyes and see beyond our sight,

We’re in this state of apathy, caught up in this endless dichotomy,
We each must look in for peace
are you gonna be stupid are you gonna vote for schmucks,
gotta find a being that don’t care about the bucks,
They’re about the people then we will know that we’re in luck.




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