7 12 2017

Welcome to the show of shows, it’s the only place where anything goes
Step right up, it’s a grand affair, with wondrous mysteries in the air
Of space and time in a world sublime, all you have to do is let go of your
Mind and schemes, tangled in a web of dreams,
Find your heart, gonna set you right apart

Now the stage is set, it’s a really good bet, you’ll find out things that you don’t know yet
Of crystal balls and chandeliers, how to slow down the passing years
Of broken hearts and falling tears, never look back to where you once
Appeared and lived, you still have got a lot to give
From your pain, short as any tropical rain

Butterfly’s wings and underground springs, how to get the best out of almost anything
Hot summer nights and bright city lights, quiet forest glade, sitting in the shade
Mending your fences, watching them fade, all you gotta do is
Learn to be, gonna really set you free,
Share your care, shouldn’t be a thing so rare

So there’s not as many fireflies as there were when we were young
But that’s ok, it’s a part of this play, it’s one of those things that must be sung
Of stories bold and tales untold, living through the heat and the bitter cold, you just
Look for joy, makin’ your heart deploy,
Climb a tree, look at what there is to see

And the world keeps turning, lives are churning, loving and killing are part of this burning
The best and the worst they make this scale, we haven’t realized we are so frail
With our potential seems to me, the thing that we can see is that we’re
Free to be, soaring high above the sea,
Just release, soon you’re gonna live in peace




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