Song For a Thief

11 05 2016

Now you tried to take me higher
But you only brought me down
Now you’re dancing in the mirror
With your self inflicted frown
You chose to use betrayal
As your final Tour De Force
And you did the same to another name
And you showed us your true colors
Will you feel the shame when you play this game
With other friends and surely others
And gradually you’ll realize
That karma wants it’s druthers
So you can’t complain when you feel the pain
And hopefully remorse
Will your bulging purse remove this curse
That you got when you found the source
A momentary windfall
From a well that was going dry
Will it drive you nuts till you find the guts
To ask yourself the why?

Now I’m soaring with my freedom
And there’s only one way up
And the weight is gone that was holding on
And never really filled my cup
You lost all your ambition
And you moved to paradise
Did you find a place to hide your face
From the ones you cast asunder
But it doesn’t really matter
‘Cause you’ll never get away
From the sound of all that thunder
But the outside doesn’t matter
Inside you’ve got that hole
And the shadows keep on swirling
In the darkness of your soul
But you don’t think that’s important
‘Cause you know that you got your gold
And it really doesn’t matter
That you lost a trusting friend
You’ll have to live with all of that
Until you meet your end.




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