C’mon Round

11 05 2016

I’m one step from the graveyard, but I got both feet on the ground,
And I’m so hellbent on living, ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me now,
I’m chasin’ after that rainbow, I’m flyin’ up to that cloud,
I’m gonna do everything in this world that I can
As long as I’m allowed.

So C’mon round, C’mon let’s go downtown!

Gotta dance to live, gotta learn to give, be kind to your fellow man,
So c’mon round.

Ain’t nobody here immortal, if you hearin’ this, you’re alive
You wide awake, gotta bake a cake, don’t give nobody no jive,
It ain’t about bein’ perfect, it ain’t about bein’ snide,
Ya gotta watch your P’s and Q’s and toes,
‘Cause there ain’t no place to hide!

It’s all about being joyous, ain’t nothin’ but a state of mind,
It’s a little bit like that warm and fuzzy feelin’, that you get when you got online
Ya wanta live in the south pacific, ya wanta live in the arctic climes,
You can live anywhere in this world that you want,
If you flow with the changing times,

It’s a bit like Dr. Pepper, a little like sassafrass,
Those out of ordinary things you know that are not supposed to last,
It comes and goes like sunshine, it comes and goes so fast,
Those mountains and valleys that we all go through,
Will soon become our past,

And in the end we are forever, never will we cease to shine,
We are life on earth, we are filled with mirth, we are bound as a soul sublime
We are not confined by space and time, that is not who we are
We’re a moments mass, through a looking glass,
Then we all turn into stars.




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