1 01 2014

The grains of sand were finely ground, becoming mottled clay,
the world was in it’s infancy, embattled in the fray,
and God felt only loneliness, immensity enslaved
no one to hear the harmonies, the music that was played,

and so there came a form to man, and woman from the clay,
but missing was the seed of life to start the wondrous play,

the sentience was freedom, and it wished to stay that way,
it was afraid to enter in that vessel that was made,
So God begat the harmonies, and so began to sing
and the voice it filled the firmament and made the planets ring,
And the music of the spheres was born, and it washed
o’er everything, creating such a resonance, from this the light did spring

And man beheld the light of God, it filled his inner eye,
He knew there was much more to this, but he could not reply,
No way to voice his ecstacy, and all that that implied,

And so he made his way to God, to be there by his side,
He felt that he was unfulfilled, he had to learn to die,
To let God fill his soul with love, and let him see the sky,
To hear the wondrous resonance, so beauteous the cry,
And so he joined the form of clay, and gentle was his sigh,
And came to life with ears and eyes, and voice to make a cry,

To mold the world in Gods relief, and make his mark of pride.
And we become Gods angels as we pass along the way,
We implement his voices in the music of the day,
We raise the tide of consciousness, in everything we say,
And we are every one of us, the suns alloted ray.




One response

27 05 2014

I cannot begin to express the awe and wonder of truth spoken with this song and the whole of Shawn’s newest release of “Perspective”. If I could write these would be the words that would speak of how I feel.
I have “grown in adulthood” with his music, as also with Paul Simon. Thank you Shawn for your music. You are blessed.

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