The Martlet’s Tale

27 03 2012

Early version:

Remix by K.B.:

Like a soft lilting wind, alone he soars aloft, and circles and spins
And spends his days in freedom above the towering clouds, he is avowed
to touch no land in the fear of losing that

Now he pleases himself and flies away again to render the tale, he flies above the gale

And the tide swiftly ebbs, and nothing seems to help he’s caught in the web,
Troubled for his life in the midst of all the greed he doesn’t need,
yet he wishes to find something he can believe in completely

Oh, he cries to the skies, and searches for a grain of the truth that survives, he’s winging out to sea

Shadowed sunlight in his waking, waves of discontent are breaking,

In your life can you see, an image of the bird in yourself that wants to flee
he’s casting out the time that is ruling all our lives despite the lies,
and he can’t explain to anyone around him,

See, he sleeps on the wind,
the storming sea below him he flies toward the end,
And glides on ever free




4 responses

28 03 2012
Alonna Sunde Stucci

Hello,I really enjoyed your creativity! I listened to all three and without a doubt love Shawn’s voice in the second track-and loved the music in the remix-keep on creating! Shawn has a so much talent-love him,Alonna

5 04 2012

Any chance to find the movie?
Thanx in advance.

18 04 2012
Jean Boissonneault

Unfortunately not for the moment, hope someone, somewhere, have a copy to share with us.

22 03 2014
Marios Damoulianos

I think there should be somewhere written that the melody was written by a famous greek composer, Manos Hadjidakis.

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