Weesner (Zoo) Amphitheater, Minneapolis USA, July 19, 2008

24 08 2009

Mike Evangelist put together a sort of teaser for the Living Collaboration project. It’s just a few random clips from the show, but it will give you an idea of the nice video he’ve got to work with.

(Note, the audio is NOT what the finished show will sound like; this clip just has the audio from the built-in mics of one of the cameras. We’ve got awesome 8-channel audio direct from the stage which is being mixed and mastered by Peter Robinson, that will ultimately be used.)

PS. The DVD of this show is now available. Order here.

Living Collaboration teaser:

Thanx to Scott Rode (see his comment below) for this audience video of the show:




One response

26 08 2009
Acoustic Phases

This was a most enjoyable and fantastic event, Loved every minute of it.
It was soo cool to see the three of them together, never before have I ever seen or witnessed the three of them performing on the same stage, always heard thier marvels on albums of Shawn’s but nothing more.

I will always treasure this moment in my life, thank you Shawn, Paul and Peter for your contributions of music over the years.


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