Cain’s Film (1969)

14 03 2009

Cain's FilmDirector: Jamie Wadhawan
Writer: Jamie Wadhawan
Release Date: 1969 (UK)
Genre: Documentary

William S. Burroughs … Himself
Davy Graham … Himself
Jim Haynes … Narrator
R.D. Laing … Himself
Shawn Philips … Himself
Feliks Topolski … Himself
Alexander Trocchi … Himself

Original Music by:
Davy Graham
Shawn Philips

Cinematography by:
Richard Pratt

Film Editing by:
Jamie Wadhawan

 Runtime: 27 min
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color


A film about Alexander Trocchi, the poet and writer. Part of the film was made at the old Arts Laboratory and includes a discussion with William Burroughs. A portrait of Alexander Trocchi, covering his history as a writer, his interest in drugs, his family life, and ‘Sigma’, the organisation he founded to bring together like-minded people.

Here is a part of the film where Shawn sing “Withered Roses”
with Davy Graham on guitar:



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