Tides of Man

13 11 2008

Skies of blue
Mountains view
Oceans wide
Deep inside

If you want to soar away you have to let the beauty stay

Thunder in the distance rain is in the air,
Shallow is the mind that does not care

Passing in existence running with the dance,
Everything we do you know we take that chance

Like a bird that’s on the wing a wondrous sense of life to sing,
Singing to the far off fires and all to which our lives aspire,
Racing, embracing the light


And all the tides are cycles of the cascades of our souls desires,
We bring to life a melody that wills us through our hearts empires

It almost seems the tides of man are drifting with the heavens sands,
Out in space to the farthest star, only then will we know that we are

Skating on the edge of an endless night,
Cradle to the grave calling on our might

Never fatalistic open your eyes,
If we go ballistic it’s our own demise

If your heart is full of fear you’ll never get your mind to clear

Anger is the enemy peace is far away,
If you are intolerant you have no say

Liars are abundant money is the hunt,
Love is on the outside and never upfront

Now a world of harmony could yet still be our destiny,
Frontiers fall within ourselves reflecting what our hearts will tell,
Aiming acclaiming the light





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