The Wind Poem (197?)

20 05 2008

    Tis now the time of howling winds
that rush and flurry o’er the mount
of rumbling, thundering rainy nights
that crash and roll without a count

To pass away with dawning light
leave land and air with sun and clear
but remembering yet the turgid eve
the soul of Wagner I did hear

For just returned from chaos now
with pathos full out in it’s flight
an attempt was made at freedoms door
and met the lock,…..embedded fright

and yet so near with mouths agape,
and struggling on to remain intact
tha blast of sound and recorded light
found it hard to grasp the fact

But even then the thing was done
while peaceful was the path behind
the power was replenished soon
while those who were…..remained unkind

To another place with psuedo thoughts
a place devoid of any fauna
to listen to utterings and structured tales
and to brush the cheek of a black madonna

Then away to dreams, and a wish to leave
the two were close when a wish came near,
a wandering creative force in quiet,
with hunger stayed, and a desire to hear

From rolling hills and aqueducts
to serpent curves and fallen leaves
back to slow intensely being,
and to one who’s honest among the thieves

‘Tis now the time of howling wind
of clear and steady freezing night
with stars above and across the bay
unwavering send their icy bright

Through misty glass with candles warmth
returned am I from evils feet
and moon pervades the windy gale
and Bach rings out,………he’s yet complete.




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