2020 (circa 1988)

20 05 2008

    As we see it now, it overrides our lives like color unto drab
There is no earthly concern other than aquisition
The important issues lanquish into apathy
It’s hard to say
What’s so important about avarice in existence?
They’re both a form of greed, we live to kill, and kill to live
Why can’t we understand,…they both lead to freedom
Freedom from greed, is that bliss?
Freedom from existance, is that serenity?
We can’t even define those five words.
Someone give me a definition of existence.
Serenity in existence…now that’s interesting,
I’m greedy for serenity, yet everything around me that has to do with
Humanity, says I must’nt be serene.
No, I have to be productive for society, otherwise it will fall apart.
That’s what they tell me, but….
If I try to produce serenity in other human beings, I will be severly
Reprimanded, and they will do everything they can to make my existence,
Oh! He’s just another fool that thinks what goes on inside,
Is more important than what I can see outside of myself.
What’s more important than myself?…Yet at the same time,
What’s so frightening?…About myself?
It’s imperative I remain outside myself,
Otherwise, I will have to face myself.
Oh my god, it’s full of stars!
And it goes on forever!
Oh my stars, it’s full of god!
And forever it goes!
No, no, I can’t handle that.
It’s too dark in there!
Did you ever hear the word entropy?
The stars go out real fast in human beings.
When I was little, I remember it replete with galaxies of binaries,
And nebulae, and novas, and suns, and systems, and stars upon stars, And shifting colors, and bands of streaking iridescence…but,
Little by little they started going out, when they kept telling me,
You only go round once, so go for the gusto, ’cause when you die,
It all goes black!
If you believe that, then you can join the crowd of absolute idiots,
Unmitigating cretins, that live to kill.
They think they’re getting rid of us,
Us unbelievers,
It would be a good idea, if they would fall into one of their own suns,
One of these days.
Get burnt by the radiance of themselves!
That’ll teach’em!
Then they can teach us.



One response

15 08 2008
Scott Rode

I beleive that Shawn read this poem while performing at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Downtown Minneapolis, MN when I saw him there in 1989.
So I wonder if he had put this poem to pen around that time.

I guess if Shawn doesn’t remember when he wrote it then we will never be able to put a creation date on this epiphany!

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