Everything She Gives Me (2005)

19 05 2008

Everything she gives me, I don’t deserve
she makes me live in paradise, she’s shinin’ in this world
I feel like I’m in heaven she puts me in a spin,
and every time she tells me I’m a lover and a friend,
you’ll never believe what a state that puts me in

I will never leave her, I’ll stay there by her side,
I know I’m in a world of comfort, she knows me deep inside,
I bow down to her angel, you know she’s full of light,
and when she’s feelin’ down, I will try to bring her round,
and give her every bit of the love she gives me back,

And if she wants to travel, then freedom is the word,
she has her independence, she can fly off like a bird,
and I will wait in patience, in hopes she’ll soon return,
And when she’s in my arms, I’ll succumb to all her charms,
and know that she is gonna be in my life again

I’ll follow in her footsteps, wherever they may lead,
I trust her intuition, to go at any speed,
and through the bigger picture, she sees what I cannot,
but when we are together, we will go through any weather
and life is just a stepping stone that’s in our path

And now we’re into autumn, the golden years of age,
and every day that passes, we’ll turn another page,
and make the most of being, together in this love,
and nothing is impossible, we’re cruising through the crucible,
and everybody knows there ain’t no lookin’ back.




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