Ascent (2005)

19 05 2008

In the heart of love there is a place that we will go that we’ll be sailing,
caught up in the passion of compassion we will find that there’s no failing
In this heart of wonder we will grant unto our brothers full redemption,
a place of valediction and an end to this condition that we’ve championed
There is no illusion and you throw off your delusion when you wander off and get too far away,
heavens an embrace and you know that’s the only place you will find solace in the fullness of your day

By the grace of God we will be sheltered from the clutches of our demons,
dressed in all our finest we are rising to the best of our achievement,
In this hall of mirrors don’t you know we should be living in enchantment,
reflections of our status and commitment to the best of our commandments
Shadows of our darkest fears we battle them with love and tears, and cast off all aspersions to our names,
in this wondrous sphere of being somehow none of us are seeing how we’re trapped inside the folly of our games.

Through the winds of changes we can magnify the basis of survival,
only through the storm of love we know that we can signal our arrival,
in the arms of God we are embraced and we will stay there through the ages,
celebrate our very fate and somehow know that all of us are sages
Passing through this world and time we sing our songs and make our rhymes and pass them on to others for the day
They in turn will learn we must be all of us concerned there is a wilderness in everybody’s way
When we can we’ll clear the land so everyone can make a stand and we’ll accept what others have to say




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