Sleep Pretty Baby

29 04 2008

Sleep pretty baby and dream away your troubles
I’ll keep the bogeyman away from your door
Moonlight shinin’ on your face from the window
Just close your eyes and you’ll be able to soar
Flying with the freedom of a bird without gilded wings
Diving and climbing through the canyons of clouds
When you return you will be able to clearly see
You will awaken with peace and serenity
So sleep pretty baby, sleep pretty baby

Morning brings you clarity, the winds become your song
You can fill your life with joy, your days won’t be so long
Moments full of happiness, moments full of love
Daydreams of the things you want, the things you’re thinking of
Soon become reality, living in your heart
Make yourself a promise, that life becomes an art
And sleep pretty baby, sleep pretty baby

Smile pretty baby, and keep away from frowns
Never let them bother you, most of them are clowns
Sunsets come in red and gold, evenings come in blue
Stars are made for wishing on, most of them come true
Sometimes it will rain a little, sometimes it will pour
Some nights will be difficult, some days even more
Never let them worry you, that’s what love is for
Set your heart on happiness, and open up the door
And sleep pretty baby, sleep pretty baby




One response

27 02 2009
Shawn Phillips

Occasionally you write a song just for fun. This is one of those.

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