May peace prevail on Earth (Peace Song)

29 04 2008

May peace prevail on earth
May peace be in our homes and countries
In these troubled times we live in
We will see the dark come light, oh
May peace prevail on earth tonight
In our lives.

My our missions be accomplished
May our deeds be won with joy
And we will thank the guardian deities
Thank the guardian spirit force, oh
May the ship of peace be on her course
Toward all shores.

As time is not our ally
Yet time is not our foe
It only helps to serve remind us
That we needn’t go so slow, oh
There’s peace above as well below
As we should know.

And the sages make their statements
And the statesmen have their say
And we will learn that wisdom comes
From mistakes we’ve made upon the way, oh
May peace be here to stay
In our day.

We are gathered were for freedom
We are gatheres here in might
To show our children the solutions
That come from peace and why it’s right, oh
May peace be here tonight
In our lives.

Now the distant mountain beckon
And the skies will heed our cry
And space awaits the joy of mankind
As we ask the reasons why, oh
Yet peace is not so high
It lies inside.

Of every being there is vision
Each man and woman has a voice
If we can work together in harmony
We bring peace out from it’s source, oh
Let all of us rejoice
And raise our voice.

For war is not the answer
It is not the strongest force
It’s love that binds us all together
And guides the shape of histories course, oh
Let all of us rejoice
And raise our voice.




One response

27 02 2009
Shawn Phillips

One of the two most important songs I have written. The first being “Moments” on the “Beyond Here Be Dragons” album. In today’s world and it’s insanities that are based on totally intangible thought-belief systems, we need to remember that peace emanates from each and every single human being, and it is a real and attainable goal, not some new-age mystical mumbo-jumbo. Here is the preamble of this piece :

“Throughout the unlimited reaches of the universe, there are only two constants – Chaos, and Life. On one of the outermost limbs of the galaxy designated the Milky Way, there is a very small solar system with a G type star at it’s center. On the third planet from this star, due to a combination of chemicals raised to consciousness, there is a sentient species that has arrived at a moment of crucial decision. Where acceptance and harmony ensure life, and greed and fear ensure death. What most of them don’t understand, is that the only difference it makes, is to them.”

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