Par for the Course

29 04 2008

I gotta knob on the steerin’ wheel, an automatic pilot
Gotta sleeper in the back a couple nickels in my pocket
I’m headed toward a thunderstorm, I’m in a little pain.
Gonna be two of us drivin’, just me and that rain.
But lord I’m gettin’ tired of hauling these loads
Yes I’m gettin’ tired of seein’ these roads
One of these days I’m going to have a little sit
‘Cause I’m flat out gettin’ too old for this shit




2 responses

27 02 2009
Shawn Phillips

Anyone who has ever played in a band, or been on a stage in a bar filled with an apathetic crowd can relate to this.

26 03 2009
Donna Mitchell

Shawn you are wonderful and I seriously do not know how you have managed to travel as much as you do. It must be your amazing dedication to your music and
fans. I have been a fan for over 30 years and have been fortunate to spend some personal time with you, as have many others. You are generous, kind and true to your lyrics. You will be in MN on my birthday this year. I just moved back to FL, so sadly I will miss you. Please take care of yourself and show just a little of that kindness you are so free with to others to your own body and rest! Maybe get a good Massage, it does help. Much love and warm regards, Donna

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