For the Lost and Lonely

29 04 2008

In the night for the lost and lonely
They will find that loves the only way for the light
To shine so bright for them
They will find it comes along
And it’s always strong
You don’t have to look, or read a book
It comes to you when you are through,
with the fight

It never fails to amaze me so
How the courage comes when the hard times grow
We find a way to always say, we’ll make it now
We keep on truckin’
Now you find, it was in your mind,
The doubt you feel ’bout what is real
You know at once, you have to trust yourself

Now the love’s in a hard cocoon
Blows away with the wind, and it bursts in bloom
The open heart, will do it’s part, untold
It senses others,
long or brief, it’s like a thief
It steals the soul, and makes it whole
And leaves in it’s place, a filled up space
In the night.




One response

27 02 2009
Shawn Phillips

Loneliness is the singular most difficult thing we all have to deal with at one time or another. I think the song’s words speak for themselves, so I kept it very simple.

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