Share the Wealth

28 04 2008

Who do you think you’re foolin’ Ronnie
Foolin’ around with our lives
Makin’ us kill our minds and souls
To keep our children alive
You keep buildin’ your superbombs
That’ll kill off half the Earth
Money is the reason that the world exists
For human life has no more worth

Now is the time to share the wealth,
Now is the time to help ourselves survive

You better face it the bank don’t care
You’re a number in their eyes
All the smilin’ faces on TV, are nothin’ but hype and lies
The Arabs don’t have nothin to do with the prices that hit the sky
It’s because of the sacred cow big business
And the man in the suit and tie

Now is the time etc.

Tell me now franklin, are you comin’ to your senses
In the darkest of night
Four point five billion in the world as of this morning
We will double in our might
Livin’ in a bar and grill
With false hopes in a magic pill
That’s takin’ you out on your flight
Have you read your story in the papers this morning
You were not treated right
Not all of us want to be chairman of the board
Not all of us want to be kings
Most of us just want to live our lives
‘Cause our love isn’t made of things
None of us are going to live forever
But our children have to go on
Make human life more precious than gold
And I’ll know that you heard this song

Now is the time etc.



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