Take It Easy

25 04 2008

He came here out of nowhere
The man without a name
He brought no sense of vision
From a vast and empty plain
And all the darkness in her life
Simply cease to be
He took the place of a sentiment
He came up with the key
Now you stand there in the doorway
Silently you cry for help
You, you in your long and yellow nightgown
And your cast and rattled self
I see a woman of life’s charades
Looking at me
I see the questions in your eyes
How do you want to be
You want to be like anyone else that’s trying so
hard in search
For themselves to be free
Take it easy
And we can make it, we can do anything in this
world if we only try
Get the prize
For free
Take it easy
And we can make it

Now the clouds are around the mountains
In a mantle like a velvet shroud
The mimosa is about to flower
And he is not so very proud
But life is good and life is cruel
It’s always been the same
And if we can we will make it through
And look out at the rain
Even to the call of the mind’s demise
The problem remains as to who gets the prize for free
Take it easy




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