Lament pour l’enfant mort

25 04 2008

All I wanted was to hear him say
Will you tell me why there’s light in the day?
Will you bring me to the why of things?
Will you tell me why the bumblebee stings?
To watch him grow into a man if he can
He never saw the people laughing gay
He never felt the way that man betrays
He never saw the countless stars above
He never felt what it is to love
He never smiled inside of him
He never climbed up to the highest limb
He never felt the strength of God inside
He never came into our lives
The child has died
And it would have been a little girl

I would have given her the whole wide world
She would have taken all her mother’s grace
And all the beauty that is in her face
And all the fire that’s in her eyes
The child has died

And we who live ‘tween sea and sky
We laugh at life and then it makes us cry
We hold ourselves in high esteem
We’re not as fine as we may seem
We’ll never match the flower’s bloom
We’ll never stop the waning moon
But if we don’t believe in love
Then we can say good-bye
For we will die
But life goes on all its days
And we may separate and go our ways
We have to learn to smile again
‘Cause if you don’t it is the very end
We have the love inside
It’s hard to hide
The months have passed and it’s still hard to be
We have to get back to that harmony
Accept the things we cannot change
And realize that life is strange
And love again with all our heart
Or be alone and walk into the dark
We musn’t let our minds take us away, we have to learn what is the way




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