Julia’s Letters

25 04 2008

Julia writes me letters
Julia writes of life
Julia’s joy cuts through her words like a surgeon’s gleaming knife
Julia’s got two babies
And another one is on the way
She is another one that works so hard just to keep on from day to day
Julia’s got a new old house
It’s bigger than the one before
James is working in a flour shop
He’s learning how to make the dough
Julia tends the babies
Sometimes she is alone
She’s just waiting for the day to end when her man’ll be coming home
Julia is the power
Julia is the world
Julia keeps the harmony
And the next ought to be a girl
A little girl for the balance

A woman for a lonely man
Perfection in the form of a consciousness and a presence for an empty land
And Julia tries
And Julia cries
Julia writes me of her hopes inside
And Julia seems
To hold her dreams
Till they are real
Enough to feel
And when they come
They’re like the sun
The warmth and light
And all is right

Oh Julia, James….Jesus, and Joaquin



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