Wailing Wall

23 04 2008

A wailing wall
a call to all
to cease the fight
the fierce respite
the land is there
its arid air
across the sea
so near to me
and so you know
no life can grow
in face of war
and what’s in store

and all the roads
their dusty loads
with weary bone
toward holy stone
so many there
in lack of fare
the youngest fall
in eyeless pall
the rage of man
his shadowed hand
may strike the blow
to lay him low




3 responses

22 03 2009
Shawn Phillips

You ain’t never gonna hear this tune on the radio man. Yet I feel this song comes closer to unifying any of the worlds known religions, more than anything else I have ever heard. I remember being very surprised during the recording of his piece because after the long note at the end before the last verse, I brought the guitar back into play and I was amazed that I was so on the pitch of the note. I thought “Yeah Right on!!! Done in one take.

20 09 2011

This song/poem as with many other works of art by Shawn have given me tear less reprieve from the physicle for near four decades.

23 11 2013
Brad Wauldron

I remember sitting in your studio in Positano and you did this for me….those notes sent chills down my spine. You joke then, this would never get played on any radio station!

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