Victoria Emmanuele

23 04 2008

Victoria Emmanuele, she looks so clean and lithe
Victoria Emmanuele, finds it hard to pay the price
Victoria, your mouth is open
You look like you’re catchin’ flies
You’re sick and tired of all the games
the polyglot and the lies
won’t you

Sing this song while you’re walkin through your life
Walk this way and you know it’s gotta treat you right
Victoria Emmanuele, she’s all right by me

Victoria Emmanuele, stickin’ to her guns at last
Victoria Emmanuele, sheddin’ off an ugly past
She’s subsidized by lots of love
Morality has just begun
Filled to the brim with light divine
She never feels the need to run
Victoria Emmanuele, beginning to believe in life
Victoria Emmanuele, discovered how to know the height
Victoria Emmanuele, reality’s not hard to find
And all your days and all your ways
It’s the only thing we must define
Victoria Emmanuele, she’s keepin’ on in every way
She gets a little tired from time to time
But everybody does today
Too many people got specialized
Ain’t nobody got the time to sit with their friends
And spend some love and put the washin’ on the line





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