Technotronic Lad

23 04 2008

Well my eyes flew open this morning
I was thinking about a troubled dream
the technotronic lad was feeling very bad
he was working on a naughty scheme
if we can get some of that good brown rice
from out of that oozin mud
throw it on a platter say lookee here
I took it with my own red blood

No, you can’t make me believe that’s right
you’re wrong in what you say
you computed your head
while laying in a bed on a bright and sunny day
full of vermouth while searching for the truth
in a slight haphazard way
then you told me that the band would play
on a dull and gloomy day
and I know it’s not true

Well he got out his toy computer
little slide rule in green
started calculation with a bit of fabrication
on a world with his promised dream
territorial right was what he had to fight
and he said he knew that ‘it ain’t mine’
but see here now child
we been good everything’ll just be fine

he was expending all of his power
they took away one of his toys
and old mother Hubbard was running around
saying what have you done to my boys
with your nice clean clothes
you’re playing in the mud
you don’t listen to my advice
now sit here and get in this house
and watch the cat go looking for mice
well I hope to God that that woman’s right
she’s right in what she say




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