Talking In the Garden

23 04 2008

Talking in the garden
yelling at the yardman
can you look me in the eye with a clear live gaze
through a knowing haze
all of us are slowly
trucking through a world of pain
but being through the bane and the flat out rain
there’s love around the man
kindled by the work that he deems to do his way
savior of a planet in its dying throes
he knows what must be done
call upon the sun
your actions intermittent, and you’re slightly
non-committal of your plans
passing through the pasture
have you ever asked her
if she’d like to spend the day
fill your heart and soul
make you feel real whole
can you make a promise to the wind
that sets you free?
that you’ll help us in our age
while we turn the page of life
using our compassion in a way
that we know is right
color isn’t valid when there is no
black and white, there’s only light
don’t you be so mean
all is ever changing
and my God it’s so
amazing what we’ve seen
no is not the answer
that could give you cancer
yes is what you have to say
to a world at large what a garbage barge
when will we begin to try
and make some peace
and money’s such a bitch it can make you
rich and poor to want some more
ironic little rival to the fact
of mere survival, what’s in store?
harmony resulting from the force of many minds
of different kinds
waking isn’t trite
spin us ever upward, can we do without
our supper for the
light in every being
seeing is believing
loving when we’re able
cards upon the table
turn a world of sadness
full of sudden gladness
then we’ll have some time to




One response

22 03 2009
Shawn Phillips

I remember writing this in Italy very early in the morning. Had the music already. I was reading Alexander Solzenitzens “Cancer Ward” at the time, and remember being so overwhelmed at his overall human condition and the odds he overcame. Was a big influence on the lyrics.

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