23 04 2008

In spite of all the mess around
in spite of all the moments down
I feel your love coming through me
Makin’ me see
that we can be
we can be free
you’re makin’ me see
take it from me

Oh we are so powerless
oh nevertheless
we all are one
brothers in life
scared of the night
looking for light
I know it’s right
maybe tonight

Do you want to fight the truth within you
that dwells in your cells
do you stay aloof from me
my baby does my heart dispel
yeah, love is the word
that could change the world
but it may be too late now

Everybody’s goin’ on their apathetic way
and they don’t know how
yeah, love is the force
that opens the flower
to the light of day
love is the horse
that carries your body
on its moment’s way
oh love is the word
and it’s all that I know
’cause it feels so right
love is the word
that gives you the courage
to go through that night
go through the night
for the world of happiness
everybody thinks the best
will come to you
without paying dues
they haven’t a clue
’bout playing the blues
nothin’ to lose
by paying your dues

(repeat chorus)




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