Salty Tears

23 04 2008

Salty tears from a lady with electric knees
seven years I’ve been smoking that anti-freeze
Silly fears and I never even held the keys
won’t you please take another look
are you going to the marketplace
read another book
learn the rules of the human race
try to learn to cook
’cause there isn’t time to see the face
wrapped in silk and lace

paper men pentagon hives
paper men polluting our lives
paper men telling their lies

start another war
and you’ll find it very hard to copy
spring it on the poor
and you’re acting like another Pope
well they won’t take any more
but they’ll give another length of rope
it’s our only hope
flying like a bird
in the open sky of fantasy
listen to the word
before you reach a state of entropy
well it really is absurd
for a man to think he isn’t free
the key is me

laced lady take another mountain
laced lady climb another mountain
laced lady what do you see
laced lady now you are free




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