Looking at the Angel

23 04 2008

Sitting still and looking at the angel
giving life and granting all the love
and I know that all of us are able
we can live in love above it all

there’s a time of the year when you start to feel your fear
and you really wonder where you’re going
and you know you hear the call
when the leaves begin to fall
and the melancholy’s fast approaching.
but with the mountains so clear
you know another year has gone and nearly passed you by.
then all you need is joy
like that of a little boy
to live in rapturous wonder.

Must we kiss the height of our delusion,
idolize the spectra of illusion
and all your prayers and tribulations
rack and tortured exaltations
and our cornered expectations
and our ferocious intimations
we are more

how I wish that you were not deluded
I sympathize, I know it’s very hard
we have to live in midst of the confusion
but even so we all can touch a star

But the greatest thing of all
is the coming of the call,
’cause it keeps you on your toes
it’s catching.

and you know you got a friend,
when you deign to let her in.
’tis the angel of the briefest passing,
and when the sunset’s aflame
you know it’s all a game.
but no one really plays the same,
and all we got is rules
to keep us from the fools
that live in heartless cruelty.




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