Lasting Peace of Mind

23 04 2008

I know where you’ll find
lasting peace of mind
life is full of trial
don’t you let yourself be defiled
you know in your heart
you have got a secret part
school can’t teach you all
if so how should I be called
And some will know my name
for to them it has no shame
I begin the game
and ’tis I will end your name
and time is made in your mind
made in your mind
and you might go for the ride
go for the ride
and you will love to be alive
gotta be alive

If you want to see
fill yourself with thee
can you sense your strength in the sea
and rich and poor are void
no one’s soul can be destroyed
close your eyes and cry
and you’ll feel your laughter drawing nigh
take another look
you’ll see it coming over
take another look
don’t you feel it flying by now
take another look
it’s a force of new creation
take another look
it’s a loss of all sensation
take another look
’cause it’s rolling out of nothing
take another look
’cause there’s definitely something there



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