23 04 2008

All your tears come rolling down your cheeks
I been watching you build this for several weeks
do you want to stay with me now, do you want to be so free, so free
eight long years, you’ve gotta forget the days of pain
all your life you cannot fight every drop of rain
if you need me call me over, if you want me hold me closer, so near
don’t wake up and start your day so down. I’ll be there to make
like I’m your clown
with your laughter you fill my heart now, with your sorrow you’re tearing me apart, my heart
turn me round, I’ve got to find out where
woman gotta live, gotta be a mother
woman gotta give, gotta be a lover
woman ought to live her life the way she feel
woman ought to have the choice to make the deal
hush your crying, brush my lips on yours
miss your sighing, swept out on the moors
in your pain it’s not so plain if I’m the one
that is to blame, my name
when he’s grown and gone his way in time
send him strong and full of love and lime
he’s the one now make him happy, we’re not done yet
I’ll be his pappy he’s free
woman breakthrough
woman we’re two.




2 responses

19 05 2009
Scott Rode

I love this song and have tried to figure out the chords but have not deciphered them as of yet, anyone know the chords so I can record it and do a cover of it for my youtube site?

Thank you!

29 01 2011
Scott Rode

I spent some great quality time last year with THE MAN, Shawn. We got together while he was staying here in Minnesota and recorded 5 instructional videos for the YouTube tribute site I created for Shawn. In spending time with him I learned his picking technique and so using that I have discovered how he phrases the chords in this wonderful song. BREAKTHROUGH. I asked Shawn on his facebook page about this song, what happened in his life that inspired this song, no answer yet, but he is a very busy man, so not a problem. lol. If you all want to hear it when I get it done, awesome. Have a wonderful day everyone, you too Shawn.
Cant wait to see you again this summer, 2011.

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