Us We Are

22 04 2008

People say we are sane
lock your doors and play the games
out in a constant search of fame
if we tell them of our dreams
some but bright and subtle schemes
others true and honest means
oh you people out there
with your marshmallow wills
your tragic days
and your tranquillizer pills can’t you see?
people got to be believed
words have got to be perceived
won’t you listen to us please?
maybe to you it’s another day
do you want to see the sun
coming up in gray?
tell me what the difference is
between your life and pay
does the fire of your optimism
flare up in the dark?
can you come to me with open arms
and strike the finite spark of love?
could be a case of velleity
on your part my part
or anyone who thinks they see
through a decade an epoch
or maybe even centuries
what do you think could be
your reality?
does your breath go away
for anything you plainly see?
talking to God or going on the nod
or freaking out fancy free
take your time in the morning sun
it lasts for half a day
speak your mind to your only son
if that’s what you have to say to him
I know I’m living in utopia
with a strangely cloying
absence of euphoria
and the rapidly increasing senses of dementia
the anticipation in my life
now lends an ear
and I know I gotta choose
gonna win or gonna lose
maybe that’s the fear
I only hope that the choice of death
will be mine to make and clear



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