22 04 2008

Now the wind of change is blowing through the towers and the hard rain’s pouring down
and the face of man has turned into a glower,
and he’s forced to scheme to keep his limited powers
and the not-so-strong are merely made to cower
but there’s a springwind blowing through the bamboo leaves
yet the spirit of man growing ever higher every time he plants a field
to grow and sow, again he’s repeating, recreating what he feels
the lives of a farmer, the lives of a doctor should be running parallel
shrewd politicians meet wealthy morticians and do they really burn in hell?
come a Springwind blowing through the bamboo leaves

Take a world and then you fill it full of peoples,
and the force of life is bound to go shatteringly forward
make a law for man, it doesn’t work for mayhem
but the task at hand is so unbearably rewarding
and as we see the change is not so crawling
’cause there’s a Springwind blowing through the bamboo leaves




One response

22 03 2009
Shawn Phillips

Composed around the time Dylan wrote his famous “The Times They Are a Changing”. Many of us were aware of the collective evolution of Human Consciousness and the rapid turns of events taking place. Musically, one of the most amazing pieces ever put on a pop record (I believe). The critics were more involved in being cool than appreciating the communication that went on during the recording of this piece. We only did one take.

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